Writing Can Save Lives

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Writing Can Save Lives

Writing Can Save Lives

No matter how good or bad you are at being a writer, any form of expression will basically help you to be able to have a healthier output of thought and well being.

We all strive to communicate, to understand and be understood. Our way of communication has improved and evolved consistently since the start of civilization.

We cherish the writings of authors and the words of famous people; but what we should learn to cherish most are the words of our family. There is an activity called Journal Writing. Some people call it Keeping a Diary.

How do you make a journal that’s worth keeping? When you write, try to have a purpose. Think about the Bible. It is one of the longest love letters God has given to His children containing His message of love, peace and salvation. It is the message of centuries of prophets and how the world moved in their times and how God moved men’s hearts in their times. Same as the prophets, we should also strive to write about these spiritual experiences that we have. No time is ever going to be the same and this is your time. People need to know the goodness of the Lord through the lives of each and everyone of us. So write about the good things, the way the Spirit lifted you in times you were so down, and how you got through the toughest days.

When you look back upon what you’ve written, you will be surprised at the things you have done and how strong you were in the face of adversity. It can save your life by being a reminder of all the good in this world, especially when all you see is nothing right. It can save not only your life, but also the lives of those who have yet to read it. Keep an eye out for those spiritual experiences and start journal writing!

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