Using Misleading Statements

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Using Misleading Statements

Using Misleading Statements

The reason why many people opt to use misleading statements instead of outright lies is because they know that if they are caught, they can deflect blame and pass their deceit off as a “misunderstanding”. They can easily say things such as; “Technically, what I said what true” or “You simply misinterpreted what I said.” This deflection of blame is shameless because the deceptiveness is never admitted to nor apologized for. What more people need to understand is that a misleading statement is still a lie. Just because the words are crafted carefully does not mean that they are less wicked than any other more overt forms of deceit. In fact, because the words are crafted so carefully and with much deliberation, it can even be argued that this kind of violation against the 9th commandment is among the most evil. A truly honest person has good intentions all the time. If you want to be one of integrity, do not intentionally lead others to believe things that are not true. Do not succumb to the temptation to use misleading statements

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