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Meet God in Silence

Meet God in SilenceStart to meet God in Silence. Meet God in the secrete place. Creativity is generated in a place of peace. You have to be careful of the thoughts that you think and that on which you ponder. The Bible says think on those things which are lovely. Think on those things which are true. Think on those things which are honest. Think on those things which are pure. None of those things are supposed to be stressful. If it’s lovely, it’s peaceful. If you were violated, that is not lovely. Do not think on it. God wants your mind to think on things that bring peace. Isaiah 26:3 says, “I will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on me.” The mind has to be stayed, steadied in peace. The prophet comes to give you the right thoughts to ponder upon. Your personal prophecy guides your thoughts on those things that are lovely and the will of God. Silence is the place of creation. It is the place where you ready yourself. Your emergency does not move God. Your disaster does not hurry God. Your need does not get God to move on your behalf. Your desperation does not move God. This might be painful, but you have to be still and know that God has everything under control. However, the prophet can bring the interruption that will get you to a place of readiness to meet God and his peace, that peace found in that still small voice. Stillness readies the mind to receive the movement of God in you. Stillness readies the spirit for the movement of God in you as your personal prophecy creates a platform for God’s actions. All things will be so when the mind is ready You cannot find His presence in the noise. That’s why the prophet found God in the still, small voice. You can’t hear God in the noise unless you can find the stillness in the center of the noise. Whatever you are lacking, it is because you haven’t found the stillness in you. There is a point in the eye of the storm where it is safe. In the center there is safety. You have to get into the center of who you are. Your personal prophecy can guide you to this center. The center of your being brings you into the safety of God. When we look at the Lord’s supper, the disciples were in a relaxed position. As a matter of fact, one of the disciples had his head on Jesus’ breast. So, they were leaning and relaxing. In the Greek culture, when the people would pontificate, they would sit on the porch in a relaxed position, eating grapes, and receiving revelation. When you are in a relaxed state, knowledge flows. When you are protecting ideas and ideologies about yourself, you are in attack mode. But when you relax and are at peace, then all the universe will be at peace with you. Life meets you the way you meet life. For this reason you want to meet your personal prophecy now as you begin to now come into peace and relax in the Lord like many prophets in the bible. God will not speak in the heat of your circumstances. He only talks in the “cool” of your day. Once the mind is in that state of relaxation that’s where we do our programming. That is the cool of your day— the cooling down period where you can relax and do your spiritual work in your sleep state of consciousness. You cannot relax in the heat.You can’t hear God in the heat. We must know how to enter into the silence. Don’t take offense when somebody tells you be silent. Let God speak, let the prophet speak and bring confirmation. When you let God speak within you, He will start talking through you and you will align with your personal prophecy at once. That is entering the divine silence. That is entering the divine silence Google

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