Listen To Yourself

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Listen To Yourself

Listen To Yourself

You need to start listening to your intuition if you intend on making better decisions. Practice listening to your intuition by opening your ears to what the world is trying to tell you. Make an effort to listen to what the little voice inside of you is trying to say. If before you closed yourself off from the nudges of your intuition, make an effort to reconnect with that part of you by keeping an eye out for it. If you keep bombarding your mind with facts that you force together you will drown out the voice of your intuition. Step aside for a minute and let it do the talking. Cleanse your mind of over-thinking and over-reasoning and make way for your intuition. This is where your personal prophecy comes in. When you know what God has in store for you, it becomes easier to make decisions because you are aware that you are deciding towards a goal and a purpose. The way you make decisions greatly affects how you mold your life. Even the smallest choices make a difference in how you shape your character. It is important that you stay connected with the things that are happening around you, as well as the things happening within you. If you are having problems with decision-making, speak to a prophet today. Click here for your free written prophecy and start learning how to listen to that voice inside of you.

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