How Is Your Relationship With Money In This Law of Abundance Season?

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How Is Your Relationship With Money In This Law of Abundance Season?

How Is Your Relationship With Money In This Law of Abundance Season?

This LAW of ABUNDANCE season, the Lord says to examine your relationship with money! 


You must understand your attitude towards money has EVERYTHING to do with your experience of money because it will either draw money to you or repel money from you. A negative attitude towards money will only result in a negative relationship with money!


When someone asks you, “How much money do you want for ________?” How many times in life have you replied, “Well, I really don’t know; I guess it doesn’t matter”?


If you respond to questions in this fashion, it’s exactly why your accounts look funny. Money is getting away from you because you’ve given money the idea that it doesn’t matter to you!


What does this mean for you? Simply stated, your relationship with money should be easy, simple and free! The truth is, money is your friend not your master. Be inspired by it but never blinded by the things it can offer you. 


During this LAW of ABUNDANCE season, keep your relationship with money good by being careful with how you use and earn money. Instead of a dependent relationship, build one where you can help each other grow because:




Please, lift up your hands wherever you are right now because the Lord says that your wealth isn’t limited by the physical resources of your present circumstance! The Lord says your wealth is as unlimited as the power of your mind, which establishes, maintains and reveals your attraction to wealth and wealth’s attraction to you. 


The Lord says that you were placed in a time such as this, where our economic system rewards those who make the largest positive impact by fulfilling the wishes and needs of most people. It is important that you understand your success won’t come at someone else’s expense: rather, it will contribute to the constantly changing resources that you will draw upon from your relationship with money! 


The Lord says that your relationship with money will also reveal your relationship with God. 


When we look at the story of Abraham, we see that he took tremendous steps of faith when he followed God’s call and moved his family to Canaan. Abraham was a wanderer. He wandered from place to place to find food for his family. But when Abraham settled in Canaan, Abraham threw out his father’s idols and put his faith in God for his provision.


It’s one thing for a wanderer to pray that he may find food tomorrow. It is a completely different thing for a settler to pray to God for the strength and faith to produce his own food. This requires a major shift in thinking and lifestyle. 


It took faith for Abraham to give up his former lifestyle and build a greater life in an unfamiliar land. Because of it, He was blessed beyond measure. In essence, Abraham had to form a better relationship with God in order to form a better relationship with money! 


You may be standing in a land called “familiar,” but God is calling you to move into your Canaan, which is an unfamiliar place that is laced with your abundance! OH, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!


Say 3 times now:




God says you are here to lead a full and happy life to glorify the Lord and enjoy Him forever. All the spiritual, mental and material riches of the universe are the gifts of God. God is the giver and the gift; you are the receiver, but it is your relationship with God that is going to improve your ability to receive the abundance He has laid up for you! Hallelujah!



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