Hesitation Is Killing Our Destiny

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Hesitation Is Killing Our Destiny

Hesitation Is Killing Our Destiny

We need to ask ourselves, “Am I tired of being poor? Am I tired of being left behind? Do I want to do something about my being an underachiever =? Am I sick and tired of being sick and tired?” If we want to be a leader of the pack, we must answer these questions truthfully and honestly. Our ability to make right decisions without hesitation will determine the quality of life we live!

You may be the type of person that always hesitates before making decisions. The ability to make quick decisions usually determines the success of most major business deals. Those responsible for making the decisions are not afraid of making mistakes. On the other hand, many business opportunities are lost because no one is willing to make a decision.


We Need to Know That Hesitation Is Killing Our Destiny

Doesn’t it make you wonder why high achievers always seem to have the time to do things? Whereas, underachievers appear to have the time, but never finished anything? We all know people who constantly complain about how busy they are. But when we ask them what they are doing, they never have an answer. Many people think that looking busy and sounding busy will make them profitable – but that is a lie!


High Achievers Continually Work on Their Success

Take a good, long look around us. If we do not like what we see, know that we are one decision away, one act away from changing our environment. God wants to enlarge our territory. There are blessings that are trying to get to us, but they are being blocked because we are afraid to make a decision.

The Bible says, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5) The Holy Spirit wants to change the way we think. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! The Holy Spirit is saying that we need to pray more. We must also saturate our mind with the thoughts of God and set the atmosphere for healthy, strong decision-making tactics that will elevate and push us forward as we continue to advance in our career or profession.

It is time to speak up and stop hesitating to utilize the knowledge that God has deposited in us. God wants to demonstrate His power in our life!

How do we know when we have made the right decisions? We won’t know until we see the decisions that we have made start to work in our favor. Only then can we determine if we have made the right move. But…

Do not allow the fear of failure to stop us from making decisions.
Never allow the fear of failure to paralyze us and our ability to take risks.
Do not allow the fear of failure to cause us to hesitate.

The Holy Spirit wants to remove all doubt, indecisiveness, uncertainty and delay from our pattern of thinking. God has given us some ideas that need our immediate attention. Believe it or not, one idea can make us millions of dollars and put us on the path to financial freedom.


Making the Right Decision at the Right Time Is the Key!

Let’s begin to eradicate the spirit of hesitation right now. Make the right decision and allow the prophets to begin the prophetic work in our life. Remember, missed timing can result in missed purpose!

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