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Free Prophecy and Your Life

Free Prophecy and Your Life

What is stopping you to receive a Free Prophecy? What stopping you to take action in your life?You are a player, not a spectator in the game of life. With your own personal prophecy  you are given the power and responsibility to make choices that will dictate where your life is ultimately headed. It is in no other man’s hands but your own to bring yourself into a better life. For those that simply sit back and watch the world unfold before them, everything is routinely simple. You wake up, go to work, eat three meals a day, go back to sleep and then repeat. You are a player, not a spectator in the game of life.Receive your free prophecy and the battle is yours to take. If you are new to the concept of fighting your own battle, why don’t you try it out with your free prophecy? Instead of simply watching your life go past you, do something different and join our prophetic prayer list to receive your free prophecy today. Take a step in the direction that you want with your free prophecy. Make changes where you want and be brave enough to follow through with your free prophecy. Once you get into the rhythm, it will understand that the future is truly in your hands. In the past you might have told yourself “This is just the way it is, I just need to live with it.” But with the knowledge of future-based language and the concept of holding yourself accountable through your free prophecy, you can adopt a better way of looking at things and asking “What can I do to create new possibilities for myself?” You can invent for yourself a completely different future. You don’t have to just live with your current circumstance. You can change it if it doesn’t work for you. You are response-able You don’t have to wait for somebody to make decisions for you. You have the ability to respond to circumstances. Be a leader in your own life. You have the ability to respond to circumstances. When things start to get difficult it is almost natural for people to look for someone to blame for their situation – for their bad day, for their bad decisions or maybe for the way their life turned out. It’s hard for many of us to take on the blame and the responsibility for ourselves. Remember that you are the only one capable of making decisions in your life and that everything in your present is a product of your own individual actions. Use future-based language and your personal prophecy to bring out the problem solving ideas within you. Taking your future into your own hands is about accepting your battles and taking them on for yourself. If you are to re-write the future you need to learn how to acknowledge your own faults and learn from them. In that way you will be able to advance and steer your life in the right direction.

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