Your Divine Transfer Is Ready

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Your Divine Transfer Is Ready

Your Divine Transfer Is Ready

God can cause specific blessings to manifest in your wondrous destiny according to your faith. Did you know that you can experience God’s unlimited supply daily? Did you know that an abundant life is made available by a divine transfer through divine transformation?

The Bible declares that you mustn’t be conformed to this world, yet be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Renew your mind with the word of God. By keeping in close connection and communication with Him, you can begin to understand your calling and God-given purpose on earth. Divine transformation can only come through Christ Jesus. He is ready to send us a divine transfer that will convert our limitations into abundance.

Your Divine Transfer Is at Hand

A DIVINE TRANSFER is about to take place! Your divine transfer is at hand! There’s a divine transfer that has your abundance written all over it! The Lord will bestow His uncommon favor upon you in the most captivating way.

Three IMMEDIATE TRANSFERS are waiting for you:

TRANSFER #1: Your life is going to be a living testimony of God’s GOODNESS and MERCY, because your DESTINY will appear to transfer success, happiness, fulfillment and longevity into your life for as long as you desire!

TRANSFER #2: Anxiety, complacency, denial, frustration, gossip, limitation and temptation will all disintegrate. You will be the living embodiment of Psalm 139:14, as others will also see the glory of this powerful word upon you!

TRANSFER #3: Things you’ve been praying for over the past five years are going to begin to materialize. It will produce the materialization of not only your destiny, but also your BLESSING!

These divine transfers allow God’s everlasting decree of abundance to materialize. The Master Prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, can help you move these divine transfers into your life. It is essential that you are in the divine position to receive all that God has aligned for you.  

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