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Create with your personal prophecy

Create with your personal prophecy

Here is a prophetic thought. You have the power to create with your personal prophecy. What if God appeared to you right now and said, “I guarantee you that in five years time, you’ll be a billionaire, with a family that loves you. You’ll help the world. You will be a great contribution.” What will you do? With your personal prophecy ,you can experience prophetic thought about your life from the heart of the Father.

 Will you tell someone about it? Will your conversations be filled with ideas as to what you can do with your money, with your family? When you receive your personal prophecy will you talk about conversations about how you can make a contribution? Using future-based language and your personal prophecy is like opening the door to another realm. Your personal prophecy opens your mind to a brand new tomorrow. When you use future-based language and your personal prophecy, you express the world in terms of what it could be not just what it is. Declare that it is important that you go to the next level and take a step forward. Have the courage to say, “I think it’s time for us to do better.” Say out loud that you want to make good changes and move forward instead of simply staying at the same place. Successful people, companies and groups are people who are aware of their power to make changes and to craft their dreams into reality; regardless of the situation they are currently in.

When you receive your personal prophecy, Create your world and make a statement about the things that you want to see more of in life. Your present-language shouldn’t dwell on the past. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to change the past but you can transform the future when you receive your personal prophecy. But the only way you can transform the future, is to do it in the present with your personal prophecy. Have you ever caught yourself rethinking the things you’ve done in the past and replaying the regrets and mistakes that you’ve gone through? Some people get so caught up in their past that they forget that they have the opportunity to move into a new future. They live their lives as though there’s no getting past what they’ve already committed. Respect what has been but realize there is more to life than that. In fact, your story is continuously unfolding and what you must do is move with it.

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