Are You Ready To Bring Your Money Into Existence?

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Are You Ready To Bring Your Money Into Existence?

Are You Ready To Bring Your Money Into Existence?

In one of the conference calls, the Master Prophet saw the Holy Spirit downloading a revelation quickly into his spirit. He saw a seed leaving heaven with wings attached to it; and overnight, the seed reached full maturity. Master Prophet asked the Holy Spirit, “What is the meaning of the seed leaving heaven with wings and then overnight reaching full maturity?” The Holy Spirit responded to him, “Man was created to live an “invented” life, not a “sweated” life.” What you have not been able to create with your hands, you will create with your imagination.


The seed with wings represents our invented ideas that will not crash down. Our invented ideas can bring forth invented money we make with our mind, our imagination and our linguistics. God said, “Let there be…” He spoke creation into existence from His imagination, not by the sweat of His brow!

The enemy is still up to his old tricks. He wants us tired, angry, upset and frustrated at the end of our work day. He wants to see us overworked and sweating by our brow, toiling over hard labor. The question is, do we want sweated money or invented money? God did not sweat to create. He said, “LET!” Why sweat, when we can LET! As we see now, too many people are working by the “sweat” instead of working by the “LET”!

Overnight, the seed with wings reached full maturity. The Holy Spirit wants to give us some news that will knock the sweat off our brow. “It will happen for us!” What we thought would take another four to five years of sweat equity to manifest, our imagination is inventing, which is going to cause our money to mature overnight. Yes, the turnaround will happen! Don’t let reasoning talk us out of our invented money.

The enemy showed up to blow our house down after all the sweating, but the Lord has raised a standard to defeat the enemy. Don’t wait… Your economic future is at stake. Don’t throw caution to the wind. PLAY TIME IS OVER!


See the prosperity trees sprouting up all around us. The place where we are standing right now is Holy Ground. Money is coming out of our mouths as if we were Fort Knox. The two jobs/three jobs mentality that is causing our body to breakdown will be in the past. Let’s all speak life and declare that we will have “IT” more abundantly.

Let our imagination create the “Let there be!”

Our lives, as we know it right now, are changing. Leave no stone unturned. Our invented money is all around us. Now, lets speak it into manifestation! Our blessings are coming through. Our prayers have not been in vain. God is creating a money sound in heaven and we are about to receive the download.

God’s handiworks in our life is in progress. We are created to settle for nothing less than our true greatness. Fix your mind on things above. Let’s all walk out of every situation that does not speak the truth of who we are.


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