God Or Our Money

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God Or Our Money

God Or Our Money

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear.”(Luke 12:22) We serve a God who is the provider of all that we need. God planned long before the world was formed to take us through every battle and every storm. God knew what we could face and He has a way in His perfect plan to take us through no matter what the economy dictates. But we wonder how many can continue to trust God when the bank is foreclosing on our home? It is only going to take a years from our life. Christ did not leave us this earth helpless and alone for He is with us in every struggle that comes our way. Our faith must not grow weary when times get tough. Our God is the same in the night as He is in the day The darkness of our situation doesnt not limit His power. Christ is ruler over all things and He can bring peace into our life with just a word Despite our difficulty, it is important to remember that God is always in control. God is working all things out for His purpose. The things of this world are perishing and will not last. Although we may be struggling just to make ends meet, our faith can earning for us a reward that far outweighs anything we have to endure. The evil of this world increase but destroy His plan for us. Christ has overcome the world and the enemy has been defeated. That means that we can have joy despite the storm we are in because we serve the Master over the wind and He will not let us perish. Bishop Jordan keep in mind that we are alive and breathing right now because of God’s power. Our heart is beating because He tells it to beat. He put the sun in the sky, He tells the water where to stop; He calls the stars out by name and He spoke the worlds into existence. Do we still think it is too difficult for Him to find away to help us work out our financial problems? Learn to trust God, He will give us everything you need in life, by talking to Bishop Jordan. Through your personal prophecy.

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