5 Things Your Personal Prophecy Instantly Stops You from Doing

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5 Things Your Personal Prophecy Instantly Stops You from Doing

5 Things Your Personal Prophecy Instantly Stops You from Doing

Your Personal Prophecy can stop you from doing something drastic in your life. Do you already have regrets about life? Let’s fast forward:  You are in your final moments, wondering and imagining what you could have done.  You could have pursued that passion, opened that business, or spent more time with your loved ones.  But that time has long passed, and the only thing you can do now is think about what is done – what is set in stone.  Oh, what you would do to get those moments back and live your life the right way – to repaint the past, take chances, spit in the face of your fears, share your love, and live with no regrets. Close your eyes and think about it – envision yourself lying there in your final moments feeling like this.  Now open your eyes.  What do you see?  Life and opportunity.  You still have a chance.  What are you waiting for? You can experience less regret and more opportunity in life when you have a personal prophet in your life to advance you in your future. The time is now to discover the truth about your situation. You can find the 5 things your personal prophecy can instantly stop you from doing to yourself that would only hinder your future when you read what the Master Prophet Bishop Jordan is saying to your heart…  5 Things Your Personal Prophecy Instantly Stops You from Doing:  1.     Your Personal Prophecy stops you from settling for the same old routine. – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The prophet delivers a word of instruction that instantly brings new routine, new action and new energy into your experience.    2.     Your Personal Prophecy stops you from belittling your potential. – The prophet delivers the word from the Lord that you need to achieve your dreams, and then take specific action.    3.     Your Personal Prophecy stops you from wasting time. –You must live in the present on today’s deposits. The Prophet gives you the blueprint that God has laid as your foundation to prosper and bring about His Divine Glory.   4.     Your Personal Prophecy stops you from disregarding your own significance. – You are one person out of seven billion people, on one planet out of eight, in one star system out of a hundred billion, in one galaxy out of another hundred billion.  And you are enormously significant!  Why?  Because the Lord has a plan for you that will reveal His glory! The prophet knows your secret.  5.   Your Personal Prophecy stops you from getting sucked into needless drama. – The Prophet can lead you into the right circle of positivity. No matter how badly people treat you, you never have to drop down to their level; when you know that God has greater connections for you.  This is exactly why it’s best to hear from God  in fact, it is imperative that you hear what God is saying about you in the next 72 hours because your life is worth it. Isn’t it?  You already know what happens when you believe the prophet.

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