Your Angel Of Protection Instructed Me To Pray For You This Morning

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Your Angel Of Protection Instructed Me To Pray For You This Morning

Your Angel Of Protection Instructed Me To Pray For You This Morning

“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward.”
(Isaiah 58:8)
This morning I was praying non-stop for you. I didn’t see your name on my sacred list however I knew that I had sent you a message just a day or two ago where I revealed some important dates in September for you to watch for… and that’s when it happened. Your angel of protection appeared before me with an urgent message to get to you…
There were 8 specific things your angel told me to pray for concerning you today. With fire in his eyes and a golden sword with the word “VICTORIOUS” inscribed in the platinum lining of its blade, your angel of protection revealed to me that you would find yourself in battling 8 specific scenarios this upcoming September however he also told me you would be victorious 8 times over once you know when to attack and when to retreat in the heat of spiritual warfare as this will bring you into golden opportunities.
I couldn’t waste any more time after having this incredible experience. I am still feeling the amazing presence of the Lord upon me. I had to write you this letter because there was one specific instruction your angel of protection told me to relay to you personally that instruct was…
“Contact the Prophet immediately and DELETE this letter after reading it.”
I have no clue why your angel of protection wants you to delete this letter. He didn’t reveal that to me however I know that God has given me some very specific instructions for your life concerning the next 4 weeks. I also know your instructive angel of protection drew his sword from out of his garment and began swinging it while summoning me to pray for you.
As I prayed fervently for you concerning these 8 specific things, your angel of protection swung his sword called “VICTORIOUS” as if he was cutting down every single attack that sought to gain an advantage over your life:
I prayed these 8 powerful blessings for you…

  1. That God would give you a positive mind to endure negativity.
  2. That God would give you unspeakable favor in the face of naysayers.
  3. That God would give you peace when everyone brings you chaos.
  4. That God would give you everlasting joy when worry tries to step in.
  5. That God would cover your entire family from seen and unseen calamity.
  6. That God would give a clear vantage point over your enemies.
  7. That God would renew your strength and youthfulness to enjoy life more.
  8. That God would give you financial breakthrough and permanent increase through expected and unexpectedly.

This is far from over as I am going to be in the most fervent prayer for the next 5 hours over the course of the next 8 days concerning you. I will be praying for you, your entire family, your relationships, your finances and your total victory. For some reason, I simply can’t seem to get over why your angel of protection would tell you to delete my letter to you after you read it however I believe that God is about to expose a monumental plot to align you perfectly with His extraordinary favor. I feel this strongly.

I’ve always trusted your faithful ability to move accordingly whenever God seeks to elevate you into the next season of your life. Your angel of protection has been charged over you and there is only one instruction he asked me to deliver to you on today… contact the Prophet immediately.

Allow me to be very frank with you (because I love you in Christ). If you are reading this now, I am already in prayer for you because I’ve been instructed to do just that. Contact the Prophet immediately. I will be speaking in tongues and praying fervently for your situation for most of my day while I wait for you to connect with me. Whatever you have to do today to get your seed in the ground, do it. Please, don’t chance your future because you are a precious diamond who is about to go into the flames called trials however the enemy wants you to stay an ordinary piece of coal!

For the next 5 hours, at the top of every hour, I ask that you read Isaiah 58:8 because the Lord wants you (His righteous servant) to keep your eyes, your mind and your heart on your reward for you have been called, “VICTORIOUS”! Hallelujah! Today, I ask that you treat this message with a sincere sense of urgency. I am going into prayer for you and I want you to know your future is very important and sacred to me. I desire to touch and agree with you today ASAP.

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