Why God does allow suffering?

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Why God does allow suffering?

Why God does allow suffering?

From the time that we were born, there are times in our lives that we have to face challenges and trials. Some of us born deformed and mentally afflicted; and a question come out on their mind, why he or she needs to suffer? He or she has done no harm. They might think that God don’t show love because of those sufferings. Sufferings are a problem of life mainly that comes to everyone. It is truly one of the major trials of God for all of us. There is no exception on this rule, which help us to become stronger, like what our God suffer when he offer his own life to save us from our sins. But, still we keep on asking ourselves why does God allow suffering? Although God perfectly created us with what everything we need, perfectly creation doesn’t mean that we won’t even get a trials and defections. God allow us to suffer to make our bad action’s right. Because sometimes we forgot our limitations with the things were doing for our self and for others as well. It helps a lot for us to make a change if we encounter sufferings or problems. God allows suffering to build our faith and make him to be the center of our life. We need to submit our faith to him for which he will be there for us every time we need his warm embrace. God allows suffering to make us believe that he is truly our savior and mentor. God allows suffering for us to know him better and to give thanks for all he has done for all of us. Lastly, God’s perfect love for us seems to be the reasons why God allows suffering to make us realized about what he has suffer to save us from our sins.

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