Who Knows You the Best?

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Who Knows You the Best?

Who Knows You the Best?

Do you know someone who knows you inside and out? You probably have your best friend in the whole world in mind at the moment. You share anything and everything with each other that you feel like there are no secrets between you too – or so you think. You probably haven’t divulged your deepest secrets. You keep some things to yourself because you feel afraid of being judged or shocking your friend with what’s going on in your head. You don’t want to risk anything that would break the friendship. But there is someone who knows you inside and out without you even having to say anything. He knows what’s in your heart. Personal prophecies are written prophecies that reveal the inner you. Things that you didn’t even know about yourself. This is because God is an all-knowing God. He is omniscient. Being that He is all-knowing, there is nothing that we could ever do that would shock God. It’s funny how we think we already know ourselves, but can you imagine a God who knows the parts of ourselves that haven’t even been revealed yet? He knows our potential and our deepest desires. When you get your prophetic word, you will know yourself to the fullest extent because God himself is revealing it to you. Let prophecy change your life by exploring the destiny that God has in store for you! Have a deeper understanding of yourself and gifts that God has given to you. Speak to a prophet today.

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