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Once we realize we were created by God and that we were not an accident or just a biological creation, we must then ask why we were created. First and foremost, we were created for relationship with Him. But certainly includes the born again experience, where we accept Christ is our personal Savior. But after salvation, you need to recognize that you can no more control your life successfully than you could save yourself. We know we were created by Him. We know God created us with a purpose and a plan. But be honest with our self. Would we say, “We do not know for sure that we have discovered His purpose? We may be right where He wants us, but if we have not enough communication with Him to know beyond any shadow of a doubt, ask God what our purpose is, and ask God to show us our potential. Find out what it is and fulfill it. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created.” (Genesis 1:27) But in God’s love He desired reciprocal love, so God created man in His own image. Man was given the ability to respond to His love or reject it. In the beginning man enjoyed full fellowship with Him, but soon rejected God, bringing the ruination of all creation. This was not His intention, so God implemented His plan for creation to fulfill its intended purpose. Bishop Jordan believes that our willingness to follow His plan for our life will affect the life of many others as well. We are carrying within us the miracles and blessings for us in our circle of influence. If we were not in His will those people may not receive what God has for us.

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