When Change Comes, Things Change

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When Change Comes, Things Change

When Change Comes, Things Change

It is in the nature of a tree to keep growing, as with us people. We all have the capabilities to create the kind of person we want to be. A tree has no choice; for if it were an apple seed, surely, it will grow to be an apple tree. An apple seed can never bear orange fruit. So with us, we need to choose what to grow in ourselves that will help us bear the most exquisite fruit.

What change do you seek within yourself? We can change the world, but it has to start from us. View things from a different perspective. When you can’t see any difference with your life, change the way you do things. It may not work the way you want it to, but there are different ways to make things work.

Set your sights high and gain a clear view of the horizon. The future is within reach if we set our minds to it.

Get to work. Change is not going to come by itself. A match will not spark into brilliant flames if left untouched, we need to strike to ignite. STRIKE TO IGNITE.  Make the first move to what could be the breakthrough you are seeking. So do not falter, do not lose hope. Not until you have exhausted every last option you have. And when you feel you’ve run out, pray! Kneel! And Ask God for help that He will surely provide.

Nobody should wait around for change to just magically arrive at your doorstep, but exercise the faith needed in order to have the patience to do your best and wait for God to send the blessings, after all we have done. Prove that you are His worthy child and give yourself to Him. Things will change, eventually, and God will lead us there.

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