What Do you Trust More?

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What Do you Trust More?

What Do you Trust More?

Most of us make decisions based on what we see, evidence and external factors. There are few who decide based on their feelings and these people are actually very confident that what they feel is worth trusting. The power of prophecy encourages you to trust your own feelings and intuition especially when it comes to decision-making. If you make decisions according to hard facts, chances are you will miss a couple of things that could heavily affect your feelings. You must value the role that your feelings play in your decision-making processes. They can tell you a lot about yourself. Your intuition takes your feelings into account greatly when it urges you towards a certain direction. When you pay attention to how you feel, you are also listening to your intuition.

There might be times where you will have to choose between your feelings and your mind. Keep in mind that you do not have to be on the extremes. Find a balance that suits both. This way you will be able to feed your intuition a better, more cohesive sense of direction. Learn how to not only trust yourself, but trust God’s plans for you. Click here and receive your personal prophecy and start going with your intuition.

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