Wealth Mindset: “So Glad We Made It!”

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Wealth Mindset: “So Glad We Made It!”

Wealth Mindset: “So Glad We Made It!”

“But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

For every mountain that we face, we will see supernatural blessings. We have proven that we can handle the obstacles and challenges of life without giving up on God.  WE ARE SO GLAD WE MADE IT!


It is time to say goodbye to the past. When we woke up this morning:


Everything was brand new.
We have a brand-new season.
We have brand-new money.
You have brand-new ideas.
You have a brand-new perspective about wealth.




Scarcity does not work. Aren’t we glad we made it? A new chapter is being written about our lives! We should be grateful that we stepped out in the Law of Abundance Season! God is so very good to us!

This Law of Abundance Season is serving the death certificate to being “BROKE!” You read it right! “BROKE” has been left in the past, never to show its ugly head in future! It doesn’t matter how the enemy dresses up poverty to look attractive, the death certificate has been served. The enemy has been put on notice that the Law of Abundance Season has granted us access to think and act like a millionaire.

Create a wealthy attitude for prosperity. The Holy Spirit has already shown that it will bring full restoration to our household. It is no secret that God wants us to be wealthy. Our connection to this prophetic ministry is a sign that we are ready for everything God has for us in this Law of Abundance Season.


Say again, “SO GLAD I MADE IT!”


We are entering a new season of prosperity. We should start deleting names from our social media accounts and phone contacts that do not agree that this is our Law of Abundance Season and that abundance is our birthright.

Storms come and go; but the bottom line is, we have the anointing that can handle anything. On this day, we need to reflect on how grateful we are to receive the wealth that God has for us!

Broke will NOT be our story!
Poverty will NOT be our story!
Lack will NOT be our story!
Sadness will NOT be our story!
Sickness will NOT be our story!

Some will not have the opportunity to step into this season knowing that the Law of Abundance is working for them, BUT WE DO! Today, on this beautiful day, let’s thank God for our WEALTHY PLACE.

Something amazing is going to happen, we are setting ourselves up for mind-blowing blessings from God! Everywhere we turn, we are going to see invented money manifesting!




Many people will miss their divine appointment in this season. But it will not be our portion. Our names are being made great. In fact, our names have unlocked many doors that the enemy thought were shut forever.

What God has for us is going to blow our mind. SHOUT ONE MORE TIME, “SO GLAD WE MADE IT!

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