The Joy of The Lord Is Your Strength That You Need

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The Joy of The Lord Is Your Strength That You Need

The Joy of The Lord Is Your Strength That You Need

The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is your strength! There have been times in your life when you didn’t think that God was always a good God. As a matter of fact, you became very disappointed with the conditions in which you were living. Life presented you with a difficult road to travel, and on your journey, you faced much heartache. 


The average person would have given up if they had to deal with half of the “stuff” the enemy has thrown at you. Yet through all of the trials, harassment, mental and physical battles, you’ve found a way to press forward. That is enough to be thankful for! 


See, even in your midnight hour, the enemy thought he had the victory. He thought you would give up and die. Yet something deep down on the inside of you would not let you give up! You’ve encouraged yourself with prayer, and through your journey, you’ve come to realize that God is your best friend, and because of that, the Lord says,


You’re stepping into a new season and it’s called joyful!


God says,


“Joyfulness is coming back to you during this season because your strength is often hidden in your joy. The joy that you have been longing for, the happiness that you have been seeking, the exciting life you desire to experience, I am bringing it back to you. Even while reading this letter, I am doing a new thing in you to receive the sweet spirit of joy.”


The LATTER rain of God is going to enrich your life so greatly with joyfulness so that you can be generous on every occasion. God wants you to know that you are stepping into a new season this Thanksgiving and it’s called JOYFUL! In fact, the Lord revealed to me 7 WAYS to CREATE MORE JOY in YOUR LIFE, as you hear and activate your word of prophecy during this Thanksgiving season!


  • Undertake a challenging activity with a commitment to mastering it.
  • Actively seek joy through inspiration from God’s word.
  • Engage in an activity that brings you Godly righteous pleasure.
  • Confront the sadness that blocks your joy to heal your wound.
  • Honor yourself consciously and frequently.
  • Give yourself a break from the day-to-day world.
  • Say the word “joyful” often and contemplate its meaning.



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