The Heavenly Father Reveals Through His Prophets

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The Heavenly Father Reveals Through His Prophets

The Heavenly Father Reveals Through His Prophets

God has always wanted men to know. Since the beginning of time, He has always found a way to reach out to His children. One of the ways He found is by giving us a prophet.

Throughout biblical history, we can see that each period of time is headed by a prophet.

The prophet is God’s servant chosen to head out each dispensation by serving as the voice of warning to the people, giving them instruction on what to do by receiving revelation intended for their time.

During the time of Adam, the fall of man revealed the plan of God; with Noah there was the great flood which revealed the blessings of repentance; with Moses there was the Egyptian captivity of the Israelites which led to the revelation of the Ten Commandments. Every prophet in their respective time reveals more of the gospel intended to save the people at the time they needed it most. Each time, the people are called to repentance and to receive according to their obedience to the word. If they held true and fast, they were saved; but if not, they were destroyed.

Each dispensation is different, and in our time today, we are receiving much revelation and knowledge. The blessings and promises still ring true if we submit to the will of the Father and obey the revelations He so graciously gives us through His prophets.

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