Teaching Doctrine

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Teaching Doctrine

Teaching Doctrine

How do I prepare myself to teach doctrine? There are many instances in our lives that require us to impart our own knowledge. Some people ask us about our faith. Do we know how to defend it? Do we know how to even describe it? As a Christian, it is important that we at least know how to explain what we believe in. A lot of people have misconceptions about Christian beliefs. What we can do that would help us be prepared to teach is to learn simple doctrines and practice the teachings that we have in our community. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for these kinds of situations:

  • Planning- Even if you don’t usually go out of your way to share the doctrine with other people, you must start planning and knowing what to do in those instances.
  • Personal study- Read up on what you don’t know. God glories in intelligence and He highly emphasizes that we should never undermine the importance of learning in any way. Know the basics of what you believe in, even just by looking up a simple definition from the dictionary and knowing how the concept goes.
  • Testify- Tell people how living according to the doctrines and teachings of the gospel has affected your life and the lives of others. Share a simple story on how living and applying a principle gave you the promised blessings from heaven.

Your life should be the example of your faith. What you believe in will reflect in the way you think, act and speak. People should be able to recognize you as a representative of Jesus Christ, as He is the one whose life you are patterning your own to. So, as you live by His rules, you will be able to share your beliefs better with other people, making you not only a better teacher, but also one of the best learners in Christ.

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