Your Storm Clouds Can Also Yield Your Latter Rain!

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Your Storm Clouds Can Also Yield Your Latter Rain!

Your Storm Clouds Can Also Yield Your Latter Rain!

Did you know, your storm clouds can also yield your latter rain? 


Please pray this prayer of affirmation now:


“Father, I thank you for your word, because it shall never be left void. I am grateful to you for enabling me to spend time in Your Presence. I understand that I am above only. I am ready to receive my rainfall of abundance. 


My life will revolve around You and just You. I refuse to allow the adversary to distract me as You set me up to receive Your Divine Favor, in Jesus’ Name.”



Do you sincerely believe you are in the rainfall of abundance? Because the Lord said that is what is coming to you if you continue to believe His prophet!


The Holy Spirit said, “The storms of life are only creating the winds of change that will bring the abundant rain known as new cycles of opportunity in this season.”


Your faith will lift you in times of difficulty. You may be going through a dry spell, but like the Prophet Elijah, there will be an abundance of rain pouring on your household! 


The truth is, you are next in line for the hundredfold blessing! The Holy Spirit says, “YOU ARE NEVER BENEATH! YOU ARE ABOVE ONLY.  PLEASE, DON’T MISINTERPRET THE RAIN!”


Believe it or not, it became very clear that the enemy doesn’t want you to realize that your storm is only preparing you for the latter rain. The Holy Spirit revealed that every time you attempt to discover your inner peace, distractions show up. Don’t fall for the lie that you are tired. It is only because the enemy is intimidated by your future. 


Please don’t misinterpret the rain because there is a rainfall of abundance headed your way! 


The enemy would love to see you drown in the sorrow of your adversities, yet fear not, because the prophet refuses to allow you to miss what God is doing in your life. 

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