You Have To Stay Focused On The Miracle God Has For You

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You Have To Stay Focused On The Miracle God Has For You

You Have To Stay Focused On The Miracle God Has For You

Life gets uncomfortable or unfamiliar sometimes but God says, follow your divine intuition always.  Learn how to focus on yourself and not on others. Never get discouraged by their progress or success, because this will only cause you to lose focus on your miracle because there is always something to focus on your prophecy. 



There is something amazing that is waiting for you that will lead you into new opportunities, new finances, and new experiences! You will only end up missing out if you keep putting off your future! You’ve got to stop managing your time and start managing your focus!


Open your eyes and look in some relationship issues which are causing you to shift your focus away towards your miracle. You need to learn to let people as they are because it is not your job to change people and it is better not to try and waste your energy into it.  Either you accept who they are or you choose to live without them. This might sound harsh. However, when you try to change people, they often remain the same.


In order for you to succeed, it is important that you also get to be successful in your focus. When we look in the Scriptures (1 Samuel 3), we see how Samuel could have easily ignored the voice of the Lord. Samuel thought it was Eli who was calling him, but it was God. Like many of us do, Samuel could have said I don’t know who this is, I’m going to bed! But Samuel had to maintain his focus to understand that God was calling him so that an important message could be delivered!


Always give God praise wherever you are right now because you will never know when you will receive your miracle. Just keep yourself focused and begin to see all the things fall into place. Even now, you can see your finances being released from the clutches of financial hunger! Because of your focused release of the seed, the Lord is also going to begin to restore all the wasted years and efforts and convert them into blessings, in the name of Jesus!


Your prophecy is removing your name and those who are assigned to increase you from the book of lack!  In other words, you’ve got to commit to your greater future every single day! Focus is what separates the people who have from the people who don’t have! 

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