Shying Away

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Shying Away

Shying Away

God commands prophets to go into lands that are unfamiliar to them. It may not be comfortable for them, nor may it be convenient. There is a tendency for prophets to shy away from God’s commands because they are unsure of where God will bring them or because they find it difficult. Hebrews 11:15 shows that the prophets must focus their minds on God’s call and leave their country or their comfort zones behind. There is a need to surrender what has been comfortable, familiar, and safe in order to follow God’s call. Maybe you’re experiencing something similar at the moment. Is there something that God is asking you to that you feel like you’re not equipped to do? You have to remember that God is with you at all times. This is where your personal prophecies come in. As long as you know God’s will and purpose for your life, then you should no longer worry or become hesitant with what God wants you to do. Get your free personal prophecy today and trust in God’s plan and prophetic destiny for your life. God will fight your struggles with you and help you solve any problem that you encounter. Speak to a prophet today and get your prophetic reading. CLICK HERE!

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