Run Towards The Right Directions of Your Dreams

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Run Towards The Right Directions of Your Dreams

Run Towards The Right Directions of Your Dreams

Are you unsure of which direction you should run towards of your dreams?


Isn’t it true that everywhere you look, you witness people doing mediocre things, who are capable of doing much better? They would do much better if it weren’t for the simple fact they are held back, tied down and bound by fear. There are plenty of people who are afraid to live; scared to death for fear they will die.


Fear is a great thief of power, and he (the enemy) only wants you to be afraid of your abundance! Some people are fearful of nearly everything! They are so scared of a drought; fearful of getting sick; afraid to eat what they want; afraid to venture into a business idea; fearful of losing money; afraid hard times are coming; afraid of poverty and even afraid of public opinion. Their entire lives are filled with dreading the worst.


A well known scientific fact is during an epidemic, even before the contagion makes any physical contact, people have developed the disease they feared. It happens because they allowed their minds to dwell on the terrible thing they dreaded.


There are many cases in the medical history of soldiers dying in battle, who thought they were mortally wounded. When in fact, they hadn’t been touched by the bullets or shells and not even a drop of blood had been shed.


You’ve been dealing with your emotions concerning a financial situation that’s surrounding your household. The Lord says that this is a season of abundance release where your vow, is going to be a powerful key to unlocking the heart of your desires! However, there can be no fear attached to this process because you will only manifest the dread that comes from your head! You must run in the right direction of your dreams during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season!


The Lord says that as you allow courage to arise in you, all the enemies of your financial breakthrough are going to begin to scatter, in Jesus’ Name! The Lord says the cloud of fear that is blocking the sunlight of your treasure shall be dispersed because of the different faith of your prayer and vow unto the Lord! Glory!


It is the season where you must not place an unprofitable and heavy load upon yourself through fear!


The Lord says because of your faith today; you are standing in the gap for your family during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season! Every rod of the wicked that are rising against your family line shall now be rendered impotent for your sake, in the mighty name of Jesus! Give God praise wherever you are right now! Hallelujah!


The hand of God will release you from the grip of any fear transferred into your life from the womb, in the precious name of Jesus! TODAY, DECREE AND DECLARE DELIVERANCE OVER YOUR LIFE!


During this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, the Lord is doing a new thing in your mind and the minds of your family. It is because WHAT YOU CONSISTENTLY DREAD, WILL ONLY MATERIALIZE OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

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