Religion and Faith

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Religion and Faith

Religion and Faith

The meaning of religion is to believe in Christ according to one’s own thoughts, rejecting the pure word of God. Salvation from sin is apart from one’s own thoughts. Faith is to believe all the word’s of the Old and New Testament, denying one’s own thoughts. It is take it as it was written in the Bible and accept salvatio0n through the water and the blood; the baptism of Christ and His death on the cross. One can be saved b0y taking into his heart the wisdom of the original gospel. True faith is to0 0believe that Christ completely cleansed us of all our sins. It is to believe that Christ took the judgment0 for all our sins on the cross. We have to believe in the righteous salvation of God. God loved all of us so0 much the He saved us through the baptism of Christ and His blood on the cross. When we believe in the0 gospel, we are saved from all our sins, freed from judgment and become righteous before God. We can never repent for our sins completely. False repentance cannot lead one to God, but only console his soul. False repentance is a one sided confession which never takes into account the will of God. This is something that God expects from us. What is true repentance? It is to return to God. To come back to the word of the salvation of Christ and believe in the word the way it is written. The gospel of the baptism of Christ, His crucifixion and resurrection. When we believe in this gospel completely we are then saved and earn everlasting life. Master Prophet believes that because Christ loved us, we can be saved from all the sins of the world and have everlasting life by believing in the gospel of the remission of sin. Let us all believe in the gospel and obtain God’s salvation. If you want to strengthen your faith through God’s word by getting your personal prophecy. Talk to Master Prophet. “ So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

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