What is Prophetic Alchemy?

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What is Prophetic Alchemy?

What is Prophetic Alchemy?

Have you ever heard of prophetic alchemy? It is actually a good way of recognizing the signature of God in everything.

Alchemy is a mysterious transmutation. Its ultimate goal is to prolong life. It accomplishes this goal by the synergistic intermixing of various base elements to form a better, more valuable substance. Just think about your body. Your body is a synthesis of transmutation, in that there are many different elements combined together to bring about you.

Prophetic Alchemy Explained

There are four elements necessary in any chemical laboratory. These elements are earth, air, fire, and water. Your body is likened to the earth.

Your body, if it is healthy, automatically burns at a certain temperature (fire), usually at 98.6 Fahrenheit. Your physical body is made up of nearly 80% (water), which is where we get that element. When you understand the elements, you will then be able to prophesy with a clear understanding of why each of the individual elements must come together to form the greater good in you. There is One God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You are One; Body, Mind and Spirit.

To deduct any part of you will invalidate who you are. Everything must work together in complete harmony in order to bring about the desired good. This is prophetic alchemy. The prophetic alchemist understands and continually seeks knowledge for understanding more clearly how the mind of Christ functions in us.

Those Who Have Embraced the Mind of Christ Are Not like Others

The Christ mind cannot be consumed by any of the elements, not even fire. Only God can walk through the flames and yet not be consumed.

That was the miracle of the burning bush. Moses stood in the midst of a bush that was on fire, yet he was not consumed. The prophet was built by God to endure some of the most fiery trials ever known to mankind, yet he was not consumed or even fazed by the trials.

The prophets of old are examples in that they were tested on levels that common men and women would have failed. You cannot be consumed. You are fire, and fire cannot intimidate itself. It can only increase in its intense fervor to burn away anything that is in your path that hinders you from moving forward.

We Can Find the Element of God in Everything

God is in everything. And God is everything. You can even find God in a lie because every lie has a percentage of truth in it. That may be a bit much for you to digest but just think on that for a moment.

Read Greek mythology with discerning eyes, and you will find it replete with prophetic and divine symbolism. You can find profound messages of truth in fairy tales or even nursery rhymes. Prophets are often ultra sensitive, in that we look for symbolism in everything that we touch, see, taste, hear, or smell.

Yes, there is symbolism in smells. There is a whole science of aromatherapy that connects with the spirit. We can use our senses to discover God in every aspect of our life here on earth.

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