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Personal Prophecy Gives You Dominion

Personal Prophecy Gives You Dominion

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God wants us to think universally and have a global reach. God does not want you to think locally. Jesus was not a local boy. Jesus was universal in His approach. His message was universal. He had a global perspective. The world has become a village. When you begin to think and see from a universal perspective, you will start speaking your truth from a universal connection. Study Psalm 82:1-3. The Amplified Bible says, “God stands in the assembly [of the representatives]…” God only stands in what represents (“re- presents”) Him. You should be God’s representative, because you “re- present” the Lord. You are the presence of the Lord “doing over again” (“re”) that which God is. Repeat these words, “The Lord is here.” How can you say the Lord is here? Because you “re-present” God. Psalm 82:4-6 says, “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” If you do not believe the fact that you are a god, then you do not know God. If you believe in God, then you don’t know God. You may have Him separate and apart from yourself. We are in an Age where God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Some people believe that that this will occur in the “last days”, according to Acts 2:17. However, when the Bible refers to the “last days” it means the last days of that particular age, that particular time, that particular era. But we are in a New Age, an age where God is going to reveal the mystery of His Word to the prophets, so that His prophets can take His people to a new level in Him, and a new level in their prophetic destiny.

People are responsible for getting you into the situations that you are in today. You cannot sin by yourself. There has to be someone to expose you to the decay of life. There has to be someone to party with, to sleep with, to drug with. You don’t sin by yourself. The drug addict did not become addicted to drugs by himself. He had to go to the drug dealer to obtain the drugs to which he is addicted. The drug dealer provided access to that which caused great pain in the drug addict’s life. Similarly, you need a person to get you out of the situations that you are in. People get you into situations, and it will take people to get you out. Receive a Your Personal Prophecy for your life to understand what God want you to know about your life. Click on the link Receive a Prophecy, and you will receive personal prophetic word about your life.
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