Personal Prophecy Lets You Understand Your Dreams

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Personal Prophecy Lets You Understand Your Dreams

Personal Prophecy Lets You Understand Your Dreams

Your Personal Prophecy can start you, to understand your dreams. Today, you can receive a personal prophecy online. We’ve opened the doors to a new reality and you are in the process of walking through it. But it takes time to truly embrace and understand the vital, trans-formative nature of the letters God sends you via your dreams and to control the emotions they create so you can control what manifests in your life. It is time for you to begin to grasp the role of your “dream body” in the dream economy. Would you like to understand what your dreams mean? Is God telling you something but you don’t know how to analyze it?

Your personal prophecy can guide and help you understand your dreams. Understand that whatever you are on the subconscious level, you are on the conscious level, and vice versa. There is no separation; your conscious mind shapes your subconscious existence and your subconscious is continually reaching out to shape what you bring into your conscious experience. That means you must develop the skill and discipline to control every aspect of yourself, because that aspect of yourself that you deny comes out in your dream life and your dream body. And what is revealed in your dreams eventually manifests in your waking reality. What is God revealing in your dreams? He could be telling you your assignment on earth. Know His purpose for your life through your free written prophecy.
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