People Will Oppose You Because You Are Anointed

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People Will Oppose You Because You Are Anointed

People Will Oppose You Because You Are Anointed

You are anointed when many oppose you, and that is okay because they are supposed to do so. 


In the story of Jeremiah, you discover in the 26th chapter that Jeremiah spoke when he was told to speak. However, the religious order couldn’t accept his message of correction and order. 


Jeremiah was commissioned by God to bring correction to the house of the Lord, but the people refused to listen. They didn’t want to be corrected. Even though they refused to listen, Jeremiah stood his ground. 


Just like Jeremiah, God wants you to stand your ground. There will be many who will oppose you. Don’t worry. God has a reward He will release to you for standing your ground. 


The Lord says to move far away from individuals who are going to be jealous of the favor that He has placed upon you. It is vital to walk away as soon as you spot them because they are only looking to take from you what God has for you. It is all because of the oil that is on your life which will attract these type of individuals. 


Be ready to do battle against the enemy in prayer. The Lord is prepared to assist you to uproot every tree of non-achievement in your life. The Lord is releasing you from the grip of any problem transferred into your life from the womb, in the mighty name of Jesus. 


Lift your hands unto the Lord wherever you are right now because the Lord has a word of victory for you today! HALLELUJAH! 


Because of your obedience to the Lord’s instructions, He is releasing you from every negative domination and control! He is allowing every gate opened to the enemy to be closed shut! The Lord is even walking back into every second of your life delivering you and even your family where you need deliverance! The Lord is transforming you where you need divine transformation! 



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