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Online Prophecy Confession

Online Prophecy Confession

What will your Online Prophecy have you Confessing?

When you receive your online prophecy, it will change your life. Your online prophecy may bring you into confession. Confession is an act wherein one makes known his or her sins to another human being. In fact, Scripture shows that some people used to confess publicly by shouting out their sins in front of an entire community!

Werner Erhard tells us that people have a hard time achieving freedom because they are constantly trying to maintain an image for themselves that is flawless or perfect. The problem with this is that no human being is incapable of making mistakes.

When people have a hard time admitting to their faults and try to put up a face in front of others that is infallible, they are not being genuine human beings. They are not being their true selves because the true self of any person is imperfect, but also capable of improvement.  

We must all try to be a little more genuine about ourselves and our shortcomings. It is a humbling experience that is also very liberating and promotes authenticity.

By confessing, just like how the Hebrews were taught to, a person can show the world that who he or she truly is –warts and all. It is an act that may be embarrassing and scary at first, but will allow for authenticity and genuine self-expression to commence. It also allows for one to work towards self-improvement, once his or her weaknesses have finally been admitted.

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