Oneness with God

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Oneness with God

Oneness with God

Aside from the fact that you are descendants of Adam and Eve, what else do you know about how God created you? We all know that we were created in His image and likeness, but what does that entail exactly? Who are we? When you receive your written prophecy, you will realize your true identity in Christ. The prophet will reveal to you the little details of what it means to be God’s child. Man and God are one and undivided. Jesus came into the world to teach man that there is only one God and one power. Everything was made from oneness. The entire earth existed in a state of oneness. Dreams are fulfilled in the state of oneness. In oneness, everything that we imagine will manifest. Oneness is the ultimate state of fulfillment. When you encounter oneness, you encounter heaven. Heaven is a state of mind. Heaven is perfect awareness, a perfect belief system. Now that you know this truth, you can get your personal prophecy and fulfill God’s prophetic destiny for your life. Start making your dreams come true, begin your life will success and victory. Speak to a prophet today.

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