Obsessed with the Physical

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Obsessed with the Physical

Obsessed with the Physical

The world has become so focused on the physical aspects of things. How a person looks, how symmetrical their faces are, how thin or fat their bodies are. Brands and products focus on the outward appearance and that helps attract people. When you begin to see yourself from the inside out, you will be able to move forward in the abundance, the glory and in all that God has planned and ordained for your life. When you see yourself from the inside out, you project that image outwardly, which attracts people to you. Your physical attractiveness has nothing to do with your physical form. People are not looking at the form. They are looking at the spirit that you are projecting. You are not your body. Do not allow yourself to be trapped in these coats of skin. You are spirit having an earthly experience. When you receive your free prophecy you are able to see the beauty that God has created inside of you. Speak to a prophet today and discover how wonderfully you were created. CLICK HERE!

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