Noah’s Faithfulness

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Noah’s Faithfulness

Noah’s Faithfulness

The altar after the great flood was a symbol of God’s faithfulness to Noah and his family. It shows that at the end of the day, God was true to His word. He delivered the prophet and his family from the flood. It would have been a great relief for Noah to walk on dry land, but it must have been difficult to face the scene of devastation and loneliness. However, even without an impending destruction of the world, the prophet’s life is somewhat seen in isolation. Even if the Bible shows schools of prophets or groups of prophets, at a certain point the prophet needs to be aware of the loneliness that accompanies the job description. People may get offended, hurt, angry, or outraged by prophecy. However, God’s Word is true and the prophet needs to seek God’s fellowship above all things. All else may fail but God will never fail them. The cleansing of the world showed how God was enough for Noah. Is God enough for you? Start showing is by receiving your free written prophecy. Speak to a prophet to get your prophetic reading and start fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Click here for your free prophecy.

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