Mouths of Gossip

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Mouths of Gossip

Mouths of Gossip

Gossip is one of the most degrading values that are happening around us. It is clearly stated in God’s word that we must avoid or completely turn away from gossiping others. It is not healthy for us and for others. Gossips bring people down; the people who do gossips are those who got nothing else to do with their lives. Have you been gossiping a well? Let your personal prophecy help you in steering away from that lifestyle. Gossipers have time to look at other people’s lives and they are just waiting for them to make mistakes so they can tell others. We can get nothing from gossip, it degrades the morality of people and it is against God’s principles. We talk to others to lift them up and encourage them, and not to bring them down. As Christians, let us always remember the things that God says about gossiping other people. The things that we do will go back to us, it is important to see the value in every word that we say, to build other people. We have to glorify God with the words that we say. Let us practice righteousness in our lips. Click here and receive your free prophecy from Bishop Jordan’s prophets and realize how God’s word is more than enough for you. You do not need to use your words to hurt other people, but rather to encourage them and lift them up.

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