Missing the Mark of God

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Missing the Mark of God

Missing the Mark of God

What is sin? We can define sin as missing the mark of God. What is the mark? The mark is God. The church identifies sin as fornication, adultery, lying, stealing or cheating. However, these are the effects of sin. These are the effects of misbehaving as God. These are the effects of failing to demonstrate and operate in the image and likeness of God. So, what is sin? Sin is not being God. When you miss being God you have missed the mark. You miss the mark when you misbehave as God and fail to demonstrate His image and His likeness. When you receive your prophetic reading, you will fully understand that you and God are one. Your Biblical prophecy will show you your capabilities as being one with God. Many people find it difficult to understand how painful or embarrassing incidents work together for their good. Everything that is happening in and around your life is all happening for your good, whether it appears that way or not. The suffering, the trials, the tribulations and the difficult times that you have experienced have all been for your good and are working in your favor. They are all part of the process, whether you like the process or not. So accept these things and start believing that you are capable of rising above these struggles. Speak to a prophet today and start realizing your potential and that God has a prophetic destiny for your life. Click here to receive your free written prophecy today.

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