Meditation and Prophecy

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Meditation and Prophecy

Meditation and Prophecy

Meditation is vital in changing your thoughts into things. Meditation is a mental exercise in which you sit still and allow your mind to concentrate (or go into a trance). You are the “host” and meditation is the “guest.” You will only see things transform when you can go into a trance and start forming them another way in your mind. You must change your thoughts. Oftentimes, your meditation is your medication. You have to be “tranced” in order to form. In martial arts, meditation is used as a form of concentration. In order for a martial artist to break a block of wood, he/she is taught to see past, or see beyond, the wood that they see. They are taught that if they see the wood they will stop. Their hand will remind them that they only saw to the level of the wood. However, meditation brings you to a level of consciousness where you begin to see beyond the wood, beyond physical realm. When you speak to a prophet, you will learn not only how to meditate in God’s presence but also understand God’s Word and His ultimate plans for your life. That is the power of prophecy! Click here to get your free prophecy right this moment.

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