Manifest Your Desires Through Dreams

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Manifest Your Desires Through Dreams

Manifest Your Desires Through Dreams

Dreams reveal the harvest you are about to experience. Your reward will reflect who you are. Are you a just person? You will get just rewards. So if you are in the process of developing a business in which one person is not being treated fairly, your dreams will reveal to you the misfortune that is about to befall that business because of the ill deed being done to that individual. Have you been dreaming recently? Let your personal prophecy help you understand it further. If you listen, you will have the opportunity to change your course and stave off problems. In the same way, if you are dealing honorably with people, your dreams will be like a treasure map dropping clues to some great good fortune that awaits you as a reward. So how does all this occur? This is the part that demands discipline and a mind skilled at controlling negative thought and emotion. You see, God’s economy does not respond to intention or to prayer. It responds to your state of being. To manifest the blessings you want in your life, you must know that you already are those things and you must state that reality to the universe. Click here now and speak to a prophet about your dreams and let him reveal God’s plans for your life.

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3 thoughts on “Manifest Your Desires Through Dreams

  1. Antonela says:

    best shower head My frenid wants to read a story I wrote in a video on her Youtube channel. I’m concerned that my story could be stolen by some one, and have them claim it as their own, not that I think it’s really good enough for anyone to want to steal it. How like

    • Delores K Davis says:

      Your story although I have not seen or read it. I can tell you it is one from a training that God sent you through to share with others but in your him thoughts are that although you want too share you know that it can bring a value of money. you are not a selfish person but you are feeling since it is your gift of a training from God why should you not be the one to first to receive what ever gain.

  2. Shquera says:

    Praising God on this morning, yes I have been dreaming I was laying in my bed and I Lady came to me she had long hair and a blue dress on and she said baby you ready to go home with me and I jumped up and I looked around it was so real…

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