Let the Prophetic Network Help You Fulfill God’s Purpose

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Let the Prophetic Network Help You Fulfill God’s Purpose

Let the Prophetic Network Help You Fulfill God’s Purpose

How do you know if you are actually fulfilling God’s purpose for our life? You must be about the Father’s business. You must begin to prepare and plan now, so that you will know what you are going to do for the Lord in the earth. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is imperative that you plan. Don’t get caught in the trap of procrastination. Many believers say, “I’m going to let the Lord lead me.” But this is a trap. It is an excuse to put off until tomorrow what God has told you to do today. God prepared the Last Supper thousands of years before it happened. God prepared the Lamb for us to come and die for our sins thousands of years in advance. Do you know your God’s timetable for your life? If not, it’s time that you receive your free written prophecy today. The right timing will produce life. Esther is the proof of this. When Esther went before the king, she used proper timing and prepared herself. She went before God asking for direction. She went to her covering (Mordecai) saying, “How should I do this?” And she received wise counsel enabling her to go forth and execute the plan of God properly. You must move in your prophetic word according to the right timing, according to the timing that the Lord has given. That is the power of prophecy! You can receive a right word, but the timing may be off. If our timing is off, we can do more damage than good. Before a surgeon operates, he must prepare for the operation. If his preparation is incorrect, then the results can be hazardous and even deadly. Start learning about God’s timing. Click here for your personal prophecy and speak to a prophet today!

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