Know Where You’re Heading

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Know Where You’re Heading

Know Where You’re Heading

If you are an athlete, let’s say, a runner, then you definitely how it feels to run toward your goal. Tired feet, gasping for some air to breathe properly, with your body wanting to give up, but your head and your heart’s desire stuck on to your goal, which is to finish the race despite what you feel. Our life’s journey is just like that of an athlete- we live each day with a goal; to reach the finish line of life wherein we can experience the future that God had prepared for us. However, our lives differ to that of an athlete, for the reason that we often do not know where we are heading, and oftentimes, even to where we are going to start. We often do not have any idea what to expect on the finish line, while that of an athlete, the finish line is already visible to him at the very beginning of the race. It’s about time you should know to where you are heading. Talk with a prophet today and receive your personal prophecy, fresh from the Lord through a prophet and start living a God-directed life for the rest of your stay here on earth.

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