Your Personal Prophecy, Own Your Reality

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Your Personal Prophecy, Own Your Reality

Your Personal Prophecy, Own Your Reality

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ 2 Corinthians 10:5 ESV Its time for your personal prophecy to come to own your reality, your gift is locked up in you. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. This is a powerful gift that is given to you. I thought about all of you today because I see the power of prophecy working in your life and in your mind.  Where I see you standing at this hour is going to bring you to a new awakening in your life to the world of reality. Do you really create your own reality? Our mind is a powerful tool, it can generate new ideas, think of things and imagine how you want to do the things that you love to do. From imagination, you are able to think of ways and details on how you are going to do something. Through your mind, you can always think of different possibilities that can happen with the choices that you made. I hear the spirit of the Lord saying unto you today. You have the power and the courage to create your own reality, but you continue to doubt yourself, and as a result it causes you to walk in lack and dysfunction. I am calling you this hour to deepen your relationship with me and trust the process of creating your own reality. I have given you thoughts in your mind and my spirit within you and with my eyes, I am guiding you. Trust the guidance of my spirit and you will begin to discover the reawakening that I am creating in your life in this hour saith the Lord. Your own reality is not depending on others; it is not about how they want to do it for you or what they want for you. It is about taking full responsibility and standing up encouraged that you want to make things happen for yourself. You have the power to reach your dreams and goals in life. It is just going to depend on how you want to do things, and the choices that you will make. Take responsibility of your life at this present moment, and you will begin to see miracles take place in your life. To want transformation means taking charge of your life. You do not blame the bad things to the people around you, but instead you have to take charge of it. You have to be bold enough to face the consequences of your choices and to alter the course of your life. These are the three things are going to trigger miracles in your life for you to own your reality, providing that you start to do this in the next three minutes.

  1. Take full responsibility of your life by receiving your personal prophecy today
  2. Now begin to write Psalms 35:27 in your own handwriting and declares prosperity is coming my way right now.
  3. I need you now to operate in integrity.  It is important in this exercise that your faith is challenge so that you can get in the zone of miracles. Until something is a stretch, you do not get a breakthrough in your life.

As you begin to to do your leap of faith,  I will start to work on your prophetic word. Act now!Watch your future come alive now! God is transforming you completely. This will make you confident, full of belief and satisfied about the outcome to your situation. As your personal prophet I will help you dream yet another dream, as you begin to discover the loopholes in your life that will direct you to your destiny. Your personal prophecy will start to have you, own your reality. You can transform your own reality with a prophetic word from God. Go ahead and click here to receive your free written prophecy today.

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