Personal Prophecy is Inquire of the Lord

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Personal Prophecy is Inquire of the Lord

Personal Prophecy is Inquire of the Lord

Saul was a Benjamite. “Benjamin” means “son of my right hand.” Benjamin was the brother, possibly the full brother, of Joseph. Joseph was put in prison by his brothers. Joseph’s father gave him a coat of many colors. Esoterically, that means that Joseph had a greater imagination than the rest of his brothers. He was multifaceted and multi-talented. A prophet from God that will give you your personal prophecy. A good prophet must have the imagination of God. Imagination is creation. When a prophet prophesy to you, you must be in a state of receiving the prophetic word from God. This will give the imagination that God want you to start to imagine. You can’t manifest without imagination. So, whenever a prophet of God speaks in to your life, He gives them the ability to imagine the possibilities of what can be for you. It does not take prophetic word to see what you are in the present. It takes faith of the prophetic word (your personal prophecy) to see your potential in God. It is difficult for me to see objectively. If you show me a seed, I see an apple orchard. If you show me your last dollar, I see an account that the FDIC cannot insure. Show me a man, I see a nation. Show me a person that is sick, I see someone on their way to experiencing a miracle. Show me someone who is downtrodden, I see a resurrected individual coming out of the sod of life. When the prophet’s eyes are on your situation, it is difficult to explain the miraculous works that will assist you in your transition.
You do have the prophecy angels working with you, but in the midst you will have to contend with the struggle and struggle creates tension. The prophet of God will help you to understand the struggle you are going through life. The prophet will tell you why the tension? Why the struggle? Why the opposition? Opposition shows up for a reason. You have to ask the prophet, “What is the life lesson that I am supposed to learn?” You might as well learn it now so that you do not have to repeat it, receive Your Personal Prophecy by clicking on the link Receive a Prophecy to understand the Power of Prophecy. Click here for a Personal Prophecy
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