How To Know Our Relationship With Is Secure

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How To Know Our Relationship With Is Secure

How To Know Our Relationship With Is Secure

There are many relationship in our life that do not last. You might see a divorce, friends you lose track of, or maybe even the death of someone you loved. Maybe we are wondering about this new relationship with God will this last……? When you place your faith in God wanting Him in your life, you become His child and forever can rest secure in His love. The words of God will help us see what is now true of our relationship with HIM. Bishop Jordan believes that you did not earn a relationship with the Lord, nor do you have struggles to hold onto it. The Bible is clear about this. Once you place your faith in Jesus Christ you were accepted by God. Jesus fully paid for your sin and once you thank Him for that, receive Him into your life desiring for your life to be his, God makes you His child giving full forgiveness and accepted with Him. This relationship is protected not by what you do it is because of God’s character and Jesus death on your behalf. Jesus Christ purchased your relationship with Him canceling the penalty of sin that stood between you and God. You become His child, forgiven, indwelt by Him, declared righteous in His eyes it is because God covers your sin. Unlike other relationship you have in this world, your relationship with Him is secure it is because He brought us into this relationship in the first place, And god is faithful to keep you unto eternal life. Get to know more about God relationship to you and His will through your Personal prophecy. “God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” (1Corinthians 1:9)

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