God’s Radiance in Our Life

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God’s Radiance in Our Life

God’s Radiance in Our Life

We pursue Him with a passion, God light grows brighter in our life, reflecting God brilliance to others and drawing them toward Him, out of the darkness. Our one life may seems as small as a disco mirror ball dwarfed inside a large room filled with needy people. But when He illuminates us, we can reflect radiance powerfully in all directions. Consider how much God gives to us, so much that God was willing to come on earth as Jesus Christ to die for our sins to just to save us. Let our gratitude for His supremely generous love to motivate us to devote our self to God wholehearted. When we make our relationship with Him the center of our life, revolving everything else around it, all will be properly balanced for His blessing to flow unhindered into our life. Be willing to faithfully follow where He lead us, even when doing so will be inconvenient or painfully trusting His promises that God wants what is best for us. Make a habit of expressing our love for Him through prayer, thanking God for who He is and what God is doing in our life. Let our gratitude motivate us to use the creative gifts He has given us to let other people know how great He is, from telling stories about God to singing a songs about God. Bishop Jordan believe that when we worship God, we were not disconnected from others, worshiping God alone. We were connected to all of the many Christian on the planet right now. Anything that we devote more time and energy to Him and do not submit to His reign can become an idol that controls our life, preventing us from enjoying the freedom we can experience if He is at the center of our life. If you want to know how God radiate in our life talk to Bishop Jordan and get your personal prophecy. “He redeemed us so that the blessing of Abraham would come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, and that we would receive the promise of Spirit through Faith.” (Galatians 3:14)

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