God Wants You To Do Something

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God Wants You To Do Something

God Wants You To Do Something

Obedience is something that has been taught to us ever since we were kids. We have often been trained to obey those who have authority over us such as our parents, teachers, older relatives and even out older siblings. And so we should have the same obedience especially when God is calling us for a purpose. The power of prophecy, thankfully, helps us obey because His vision and plans for us are clear. When God is telling you to do something, you must do it, not be fearful. Sacrifice is a popular, dramatic idea, but God would rather have obedience to His Word. Not blind, slavish obedience, but a knowing obedience, an understanding that He has limitless wisdom and is not bound by Time, so He can see the course of action that will best guide you to growth and glory and the fulfillment of your potential. When you are in that state of mind, when He shares information with you in your dreams, you will act on it with joy and confidence and without hesitation, knowing the outcome will be greater blessing. That is obedience. Would you want to be an obedient son/daughter to God? Then click here to receive your personal prophecy and start acting on what God wants for you.

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