Fight and Win the Battle

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Fight and Win the Battle

Fight and Win the Battle

It is only when we take on the battle that God wants us to fight, about issues that have eternal value, that we can truly come alive as a man. He has created us in His image, placing the powerful heart of warrior within us. We have been made to fight for what is right. A war between the good and evil sides of the spiritual realm is taking place around us constantly. If we do not actively engage Spiritual battles, we will be vulnerable to evil attacks that can harm us and negatively impact every part of our life. Do not settle for sitting on the sidelines of fights when He want us to be on the front line, helping to overcome evil to good, rather than focusing on our weaknesses, focus on Him, who stands ready to empower us to be strong in every battle we face. Expect God to transform us into a stronger person who becomes more like Christ every day. Our emotion are unreliable because we reflect only a limited perspective on our life and we were constantly changing to our circumstances. But we can rely on the Holy Spirit to give us reliable guidance that reflects God’s complete and unchanging wisdom. We refuse base on our decisions on emotions. Ask God to meet us where we are and give us the wisdom we need in every situation. “The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall i fear? The Lord is my defense of my life; whom shall i dread?” (Psalm 27:100) Master prophet believe that we must surrender our life to Him every day. Make a daily habit of surrendering our own plans to God, inviting Him to use our life each day to accomplish His will for us. As He shows us which battles God wants us to fight, do so in the confidence that His will use our life in ways that will powerfully impact the world.

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