Don’t Allow Fear To Diagnose You With Negativity Today

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Don’t Allow Fear To Diagnose You With Negativity Today

Don’t Allow Fear To Diagnose You With Negativity Today

In life, you’ve been handling the devastating cancers of financial inconsistency, emotional fatigue and unpredictable fortune haven’t you? There is even a part of you that is aware that your circumstances are not going to solve itself and not a product of your mistakes. Don’t worry,  because the Lord wants you to know that in spite of the fact that you have been diagnosed with the feeling of failure, you are about to walk into divine success. 


Start to feel God’s reward anywhere you are right now, due to the fact that God is supplying you with prosperity and abundance in 2020 and also you received not be able to see a single trace of the religious and emotional cancers which have been consuming away at your existence last year. 


Your word of prophecy will change your lifestyle. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! 


Crabs in a barrel move slowly over everyone, trying hard to get to the top, pulling each other down as a way to get higher. You need to start to see past your monetary, emotional and non-secular boundaries. God will open up your eyes to get you to the factor in which you are saying, I gained not rest till I have what’s mine with the aid of Divine proper! Do not let negative people block you from your blessing. 


Negative thoughts are cancerous. In the scriptures (Matthew 8), we discover Jesus wondering his disciples after they allow the “most cancers” called fear to unfold among them due to a furious hurricane that arrives. While in the boat, the disciples began to panic due to the fact they worry the typhoon will drown them, yet Jesus is slumbering flippantly. 


When they went to wake Jesus, they attempted to unfold their most cancers of negativity through worry, yet Jesus requested them, “Why are you so afraid?” See, Jesus didn’t permit the “cancer” of fear to seep into His recognition and also you must now not permit it to achieve this either! 


The reality is that it isn’t the enemy out of doors you need to be involved approximately, but as an alternative, it’s the enemy inside you must always be privy to, due to the fact it may be cancerous for your future! Why are you so afraid? 


There is a recuperation word of prophecy that is going to function the drugs this is needed to your existence financially, emotionally and spiritually! This specific prophetic phrase goes to help you pick out any weakness in you which could preclude your progress towards DIVINE SUCCESS, within the strong call of Jesus!


Do not let negativity affect your mental health and prevent you from reaching your destiny. 

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