Family is the Grand Design

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Family is the Grand Design

Family is the Grand Design

Each of us, whether we grew up with family or not, had some sort of parent figure in our lives or a guardian who took care of us. God’s grand design was for the family to be the basic unit of His kingdom.

We were brought here on earth to be reared by our spiritual brothers and sisters who have gone ahead of us and were predestined to show us the way. That is the ideal circumstance. It cannot be helped, however, that there are broken families and ruined homes. That is what the adversary wants and is trying very hard to get it. He has slipped into the minds and hearts of men to try to make them do the wrong things. Sadly, some have heeded him and fallen away.

No matter what background we come from, we can always change what we become. It all starts with love and with God. We must pray hard for our brothers and sisters and for ourselves as well to not yield to these temptations.

Always retain in your hearts the reason why you want to build a home. Set a good example for future generations. It is not your fault that you were born poor, but if you die poor, then that’s a different story. Set your priorities in life and don’t forget to keep prayer close.

Communication with God gives us the much needed push to continue with the goals that we work so hard to attain.

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