Exact Obedience

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Exact Obedience

Exact Obedience

There once was a man who was a mechanic. He had a son and sometimes he took his child to work and his son would help him with the little tasks. One particular day while fixing a car, he asked his son, “Can you hand me the monkey wrench?” His son wasn’t paying much attention and what he handed his father was a pair of pliers. The man then had to teach his son the importance of exactness.

Whatever profession you may have, you need the exact tools necessary to do your job. You cannot pull teeth with screwdrivers if you are a dentist. You cannot write on a board with a spoon. You cannot teach the word of God if you do not have the right spirit.

The Lord has set high standards for His servants. Like the mechanic, He has the tools laid out in front of us, so that we may know and study what they are in order to assist our Heavenly Father in doing His work. This is the Lord’s work, not ours; but we are His critical participants to hand Him the right monkey wrench so He can fix the ride of life that will take us back to our heavenly home.

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One thought on “Exact Obedience

  1. Finau Aulele Nanovo. says:

    God equipped us with His Holy Spirit and the word so others may be saved. Amen.

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